About: key benefits

Key benefits were established to help people understand complex Financial Instruments and concepts using straightforward everyday language.  We wanted to help people who had little experience of Financial Products learn the basics.  So when you are dealing with banks or building societies, you have an understanding of what the advisors are talking about.

Knowledge is the key to dealing with Financial Products successfully.  Financial institutions frequently bamboozle people with complicated language and overly complex information.  We no longer work in the financial field and we felt we could pay back a little bit by helping people. We want you to get the best out of your financial products by ensuring that you have an understanding of the concepts behind the products on offer.

Something you may notice about this blog is that there is no advertising.  We have no relationships, affiliations with any finance companies, insurance companies or lending companies.  We do not make any commission from this blog so you can rest assured the information we pull down is unbiased and accurate to the best of our belief.

As we are no longer financial advisers or regulated in any particular way we are not able to give any advice to any individual, this blog is purely for information.  We suggest that when you are looking for Financial Services product, you research well, use our blog to get a basic understanding.  Typically don’t sign up for anything on the first meeting, take the information you get away and read it.

We are always keen to make our blog informative, please get in touch if there is any particular product or service you would like some information on we will be more than willing to write something.  Please don’t email for advice as we will be unable to provide to it, and we don’t like to disappoint.

Thank you